2019 Speakers

Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp

CTO, Casa

Jameson Lopp enjoys building technology that empowers individuals. At the moment, he’s most interested in opportunities within the Bitcoin and crypto asset ecosystem.


Carol Van Cleef

CEO, Luminous Group

Recognized and highly sought after global strategist with industry leading legal and regulatory expertise in emerging technologies, blockchain, and digital currencies.

Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

Editorial Director, AIER

Jeffrey Tucker is editorial director of the American Institute for Economic Research. He is also CEO of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy, a managing partner of Vellum Capital, CLO of Liberty.me.

Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman


Project lead of OpenBazaar. He started OpenBazaar in April 2014, and founded OB1 nearly a year later. Brian is a developer with a background in building encryption software for managing healthcare records.

Paul Sztorc

Paul Sztorc

Bitcoin Researcher, Tierion

Paul is passionate about knowledge and scientific truth. He has explored the fields of economics and psychology, to look at what/how/why people know what they know, and why/how they reveal that information.

Wayne Vaughan

Wayne Vaughan

Founder/CEO, Tierion

Wayne is known for his experience in software and product design. He founded a digital agency in the mid-90s and created one of the first SaaS marketing automation platforms. Advisory board of Blockchain Capital.

Chris DeRose

Chris DeRose

Founder, Bitcoin Uncensored

Bitcoin evangelist, public speaker, podcaster, and journalist. Chris is a lead organizer of the South Florida Bitcoin group, a lecturer, and the proud owner of two amazing cats.

Eric Martindale

Eric Martindale

Chief Software Architect, Fabric

Eric is building Fabric, a decentralized, blockchain-based OS for distributed computation. Bitcoin user since 2011, speaking on the topic since 2013, and building the next generation of blockchain-powered tools.

Matthew May

Matthew May

Founder, Acuity Financial Experts

Matthew led the development of the cryptocurrency practice at Acuity to helps retrofit cryptocurrency issues into the rules and systems of the fiat world. Most notably Matthew is the acting CFO for Storj Labs.

Mike In Space

Mike In Space

Founder, Bitcoin Car Talk

Mike is a content creator and host of the satirical web series "Bitcoin Car Talk". He currently drives a 2015 Nissan Rogue with aftermarket leather upholstery.

Daniel Krawisz

Daniel Krawisz

Co-founder, Nakamoto Institute

Daniel realized one day that he was the Emperor of Bitcoin. He also runs the podcast,
"Bitcoin Stuff".

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Crypto Asset Specialist

Contributor to open source projects such as Bitcorn, Counterparty, and Drivechain.


Theo Goodman

Chief of Memetics, Proofofwork Media

Resident meme consultant at proofofwork media focusing on token economies, game theory, speculation and memetics. Theo is a co-founder of the Frankfurt, Germany bitcoin meetup (2013) he has been on over 200 podcasts.

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas

Founder, Provide Technologies

CEO of Provide, a decentralized platform as a service (dPaaS). Kyle is a polyglot software architect known for cybersecurity and delivering massively scalable distributed systems to the public & private sectors.


Marie-Antoinette Tichler

CEO, C2Legacy Technologies

CEO of a blockchain digital estate management platform. Founding member of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy. Marie-Antoinette loves community. She supports youth, women and inclusion for technology locally & globally.


Virag Mody

Co-Founder & COO, Authio

Virag Mody is the Co-Founder and COO of Authio, a smart contract security professional services firm, built with the intention of creating trustworthy applications upon the Ethereum blockchain. Authio has worked with various blockchain-native projects, notably POA, Kyokan, and Daxia.


DJ J Scrilla

Artist, Co-Host, Art On The Blockchain Podcast

Co-host of Art On The Blockchain Podcast. He designed the Rare Pepe Wallet logo, manages DJPEPE and he has carved out a career as an acclaimed record producer, prolific crypto artist and DJ.


Sasha Hodder, MBA, Esq.

Partner, DLT Law Group, P.A.

Sasha is a Partner at DLT Law Group, P.A. where she focuses on the Fintech sector. Frequent guest on podcasts and runs a her own podcast, HodlCast.


Jason Dreyzehner

Designer, BitPay

Author and maintainer of open source projects bitcoin-ts, a typescript bitcoin library, and BitAuth, a bitcoin-based identity and authentication protocol.


Hadas Zeilberger

Software Engineer, Consensys

Hadas Zeilberger is a software engineer at ConsenSys’ Web3Studio. She specializes in designing and building privacy-preserving components for decentralized applications on Ethereum.


Anthony Lusardi

Director, ETC Cooperative

Anthony is building bridges to spread Cryptocurrency fundamentals and hopes to play a small part in ensuring the benefits of Cryptocurrency don’t slip through our fingers as our world gets bigger.


Jagruti Solanki

Assurance Partner, Aprio

Focuses on emergence of more cryptocurrencies and crypto-businesses. Jagruti has been instrumental in the development of blockchain accounting best practices and the launch of Aprio’s Blockchain Services group.


Jennifer Georgino


Experienced moderator and panelist for Blockchain Conferences. She is effective in gathering thought leadership that drives understanding of new, disruptive technology. She is passionate about commerce, cybersecurity.


Steve Jain

Contributor, Bisq

Steve went from doing discounted cash flow valuations to indie software development and technical writing. He runs 100 Million Books to advance intellectual freedom, and contributes to Bisq to advance financial freedom.


Peter Rehm


Peter is a CPA who has worked and consulted within the banking industry as a corporate controller, financial reporting manager and senior systems technology development consultant at a succession of large firms including Bank of America, PNC Banks, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and mortgage industry giant Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA).


Elizabeth Strickler

Director, GSU

A believer in creativity and innovation, Elizabeth helps start businesses, tell immersive stories,and build a cultural economy. She is the Director of Media Entrepreneurship at CMII, GSU and The Blockchain Lab at RCB, GSU.


Paul Puey

CEO / Co-founder, Edge

Edge, an award winning mobile wallet and single-sign-on security platform for blockchain applications. He held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research. BS in EE and CS from UC Berkeley.


Gabriel Sukenik

Co-founder, Morph

Longtime Bitcoin/crypto advocate. A student of Austrian economics. Gabe started working in the crypto industry full-time in 2013. After serving various roles at Coinapult, Gabe helped co-found Morph in late 2017.


Yuri Eliezer

Partner, Founders Legal

Yuri is a patent attorney who is experienced in securing national and international patent rights to technical innovations. He is an electrical and computer engineer and has further experience in the software, mechanical, and medical devices fields.


Diego Salazar

Monero Contributor

Diego "rehrar" Salazar is a privacy advocate, cypherpunk, and Monero contributor that is passionate about education, design, and helping disenfranchised people with new and exciting technologies.


Stephen Pair

Co-Founder/ CEO, bitpay

Stephen has over 20 years of experience building software systems in the financial and telecommunications industries.


Allen Piscitello

Director of Product, Blockstream

Allen Piscitello is the Director of Product at Blockstream and a longtime Bitcoin advocate. Allen's role at Blockstream is focused on turning the technology that Blockstream has been building into products that will transform the both the Bitcoin and financial sector.


Robin Renwick

Contributor, Monero Project

Robin "midipoet" Renwick is currently researching perspectives of privacy in the blockchain/distributed ledger space. He believes in education, information, and ethics. He is also a node.


Talha Atta

Marketing, The Blockchain Society

Talha Atta is a 17 year old blockchain developer who is passionate about pioneering applications and protocols in the industry. Talha works as the head of marketing for The Blockchain Society, a Toronto events startup where he joined as the second employee.


Linda Goetze

President, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Proud mother of twins birthed as Bitcoin was given to the world, Linda Goetze holds an M.Ed. and has been engaged with blockchain technology since 2012. She is President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Blockchain Association Board of Directors.


James Poole

CTO/ Co-Founder, TokenSoft.io

With over 10 years of experience building security software at Symantec and RSA Security, James focuses on building robust infrastructure with a defense-in-depth strategy. James became obsessed with Bitcoin in 2013 and has been building blockchain related tools and products since.


Brandon Elliott

Founder/ CEO, Javvy

Brandon has consulted to numerous international corporations, Bankers Banks, and the Federal Reserve on security, infrastructure, and regulatory matters. He has attained multiple blockchain certifications, understands mining, blockchain applications, and cryptocurrencies.

Josh Buirski

Josh Buirski

Development, Decred

Josh Buirski is a decentralized technologies purist, focusing on open-source software, incentive models, decentralized ways-of-working, and on-chain governance. Joshua coordinates Decred’s Asia-Pacific operations & Strategy and also co-organizes Australia’s largest blockchain focused community.


Kell Canty

Co-founder and CEO, Verady

Kell is Co-founder of Verady, a blockchain asset accounting and audit technology company, and leads its product direction and business development efforts.


Yaz Khoury

Developer Relations, ETC Coop

Yaz is Director of Developer Relations for ETC Cooperative, where he works on building projects and prototypes that use ETC to help developer adoption of ETC technology. Previously, he has worked in software development, electronics and robotics with projects for NASA and Thomson Reuters.


Collin Enstad

Video Director

Collin has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013. He is currently in production of a feature length documentary (“Breaking Bitcoin”) covering the history of bitcoin from its conception to the present. Production is set to be completed by Q2 2019.


Robert Tarquin

Founder, Tronstronics & CEO, Tarquin LLC

The world of Tron and the mind of Justin Sun comes to you from Tronstronics a Super Representative of Tron. Tarquin Token is a trc 10 token on the Tron network that is developing smart contracts for buying and selling of Real Estate.


Chris Stewart

CEO/ Co-founder, SuredBits

Chris Stewart is the founder of suredbits. He also maintains a bitcoin imlementation called bitcoin-s and has contributed to bitcoin core. Suredbits monetizes API with the Lightning Network. We currently provide NFL, NBA and cryptocurrency APIs all of which you can use today if you have a Lightning Network node.


Jeff Bekiares

Co-Founder, Bekiares Eliezer LLP.

Jeff Bekiares is an Atlanta based attorney who works closely with regulators and experts on the state and national level related to several tokenized equity issuances, including assisting with the structuring of safe and compliance ICOs. He is currently involved in industry efforts to further develop tokenized equity standard models for corporate governance of US entities.


Brandon Mintz

President, Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin Depot is the fastest growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM Network offering users the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash instantly at hundreds of locations across the United States.


Kevin Pham

Founder, Viral Hold Wells Fargo Accountable Movement

Kevin is a Human Maximalist, Bitcoin Realist, Founder of the Viral Hold Wells Fargo Accountable Movement, Former Tech Banker, Featured in Forbes & The New York Times.


Austin Mills

Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin’s

Austin Mills is a Partner in Morris, Manning & Martin’s Corporate Technology Practice and the Chair of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group. His primary areas of concentration include technology transactions, blockchain, cryptocurrency, payments, financial technology and privacy and security.


Paul Madsen

Technical lead, Hedera hashgraph

Paul Madsen is a technical lead at Hedera hashgraph, the public DLT built on the hashgraph consensus algorithm. Madsen has participated in various design, chairing, editing and education roles for a number of identity standards, including OASIS SAML, OAuth 2.0 and FIDO Alliance.


Will Reeves

Project Lead, Fold

Will Reeves leads Fold and the Payments Vertical at Thesis, a venture production studio based in Atlanta and San Francisco. At the moment, he is focused on making crypto-payments as easy to use, rewarding and widely accepted as a credit card in order to usher in a new era of user adoption.


Yng-Ru Chen

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Snark.art

With nearly 20 years of experience in museums, auction houses, and creative start-ups, Yng's work is focused on expanding audiences and collaborating with contemporary artists with fresh art market alternatives.


João Almeida

Co-Founder / CTO, OpenNode

João is building the future of Lightning Network infrastructure at OpenNode. He’s spent time as an early contributor to Zap and is recognized for building the first LN plug-in for WooCommerce and one of the first LN games in the space, Poketoshi.


Shawn Wilkinson

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Storj Labs

Shawn is one of the founders of Storj Labs the provider of the Storj decentralized cloud storage network, and the company behind STORJ token, a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain that powers digital storage and data retrieval on its cloud storage platform.


Zack Voell

Research Analyst, Messari

Zack is a research analyst at Messari and the host of The Coin Pod, a bitcoin podcast


Michael O'Rourke

CEO, Pocket Network

Michael is CEO of Pocket Network, a protocol that incentivizes individuals and businesses to run full nodes for any cryptocurrency. Creator of the Tampa Bay Blockchain Developer developer meetup. Working towards a decentralized world.


Matthew Kohen

Senior Counsel, Carlton Fields

Matthew Kohen focuses his practice on the representation of technology companies in emerging industries such as fintech, telecommunications, and cybersecurity. He is also the co-chair of the firm’s blockchain technology and digital currency practice.


Marcus R. Brown

Blockchain Architect, HEAT VISION

Marcus is an experienced hacker with a keen eye for the bottom line. Has a passion for creating high-quality games that please the user, for writing error-free applications that perform smoothly across a variety of platforms, and for building reusable and extensible technology.


Kevin Glidewell

Assistant General Counsel, Turner

Kevin is Assistant General Counsel for Turner’s sport businesses. He has 10+ years of experience providing legal and business advice to many of the most popular sports TV programs and online properties, such as Bleacher Report, the NBA on TNT and NCAA March Madness.


Justin Wales

Senior Counsel, Carlton Fields

Justin Wales serves as chair of the firm’s blockchain practice. He represents a wide range of blockchain, fintech and financial services clients on fundraising and regulatory matters, including executing compliant token offerings.


Jeff Beals

Strategic Solutions Development Executive, IBM

Jeff Beals is an Intrapreneur and innovative strategic operations executive. He is highly experienced in managing the entire business life-cycle with a track record in guiding and motivating professional resources in multiple functional areas.


Larry Wall

Executive Director, CenFIS

Larry Wall is the research center executive director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Stability (CenFIS) in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. CenFIS was created to improve knowledge of financial innovation and financial stability.


Bobby Rodrigo

Advocate, Activist, Legal Professional, Journalist and Radio Show Host

Ops Director of We Do Better & Tax Revolution Inst., Disaster Relief & Rebuild, Radio Show Host, Journalist, Member of ABA & IBA. Justice Advocate, Veteran


Kurt Wallance

President, Cold Storage Coin

Kurt provides strategic growth solutions for media and tech companies such as Cox Enterprises - COX Media Group, Open Alliance for Cloud Adoption and NewEDI. He's interviewed thousands of experts in business, finance, tech & government.


Ham Tyson

Writer, bitsonline

Writer for bitsonline, EiC of passthroughpo.st


Jason Rosenstein

CEO/ Co-Founder, Portion

Jason Rosenstein is an entrepreneur and developer drawn by the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in 2011. Today, Jason is the CEO & co-founder at Portion, a decentralized exchange for art & collectibles.


Johnny Dollar

Visual Artist

Johnny Dollar, a visual artist, crypto-anarchist, and privacy advocate whose work explores themes such as technology's interaction with humanity and it's effects.


Ajay Jindia

Attorney, Schoenthaler Law Group

Ajay Jindia is a partner with Schoenthaler Law Group. In his practice, Mr.Jindia serves as outside counsel to startup and emerging growth businesses, micro-VCs and angel investors, advising on matters ranging from formation to exit.


Sam Abbassi

Partner, BUSHIDO Lab

Co-founder and Partner. Doubled team-size in the first two months. Leading blockchain initiative at Bushido.